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29.06.2018 Trends & Strategy

As insignificant the launch of YouTube seemed in 2005, its major impact on today’s online community cannot be contested. The platform has grown into an important medium for brands to reach their target groups. With more than 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute and over 1.57 billion monthly active users, YouTube has seen many trends in terms of the video content that is constantly being created by influencers. Read below to get yourself up to date on some of the trendiest types of videos:


Vlogs have become more and more popular as they allow communities to follow content creators around and experience what is happening in their personal lives. The term “vlog" is an abbreviation for video blog, meaning that all content is posted in video form. This trend has gone as far as YouTubers starting second channels designated only to their vlogs while still keeping up with weekly postings on their main channels. On the German vlog channel @Manda, watchers were able to follow creators Marie and Alex around every single day up until recently. Vlogs make YouTubers more relatable as creators share their thoughts and struggles with their communities. Additionally, the filming style is very natural and oftentimes not as sophisticated compared to other videos that they usually post. This is why vlogs can serve as a useful tool for YouTubers to build stronger bonds with their communities.

Instagram followers control my life

Last October, Instagram added a new feature to IG stories that allows influencers to ask their community’s opinion through polls where users can choose between two options. Recently, more and more YouTubers have utilized this to engage their community across their social media channels by letting them decide what the influencer should do. Should they put makeup on or not? Should they get a tattoo or a piercing? Should they hop on a plane or on a train? Influencers do what the results indicate and create videos that follow them around their activities. The creators behind the YouTube channel @Yes Theory, for instance, ended up traveling over 660 miles away from where they initially started within the 24 hours that their community was controlling their lives. The overall popularity of this type of video likely stems from the user’s ability to take an active part in the content creation. Additionally, followers feel like they have a larger impact on the creator’s life which reduces the distance between them and increases engagement.

Voiceover by…

This type of video has been blowing up in the beauty sphere. Initially started by YouTuber Megan on her channel @meggs and bacon, the video features visual content of her doing her makeup routine while her dad hilariously does her voiceover. Originally posted at the end of 2016, the video blew up the following year and generated over 2.5 million views while Megan’s videos only have 500 views on average. Since then, other YouTubers have recreated this type of video and many spinoffs have emerged such as ‘My boyfriend does my voiceover,' ‘My granddad does my voiceover’ and even parodies such as ‘My dog does my voiceover.’


There is no other game that has taken YouTube faster than Fortnite Battle Royale - Fortnite, for short. The game has been celebrated across the whole gaming scene since the beginning of the year. Some even claim that there has not been a game that popular since Minecraft. Fortnite is a multiplayer shooter game that is available for free online. Because of its popularity, many YouTubers with varying skill levels have started uploading videos of themselves commenting on their actions while playing the game. While this concept has been around in the gaming world for some time, it is undeniable that the game itself has managed to expand its reach beyond the gaming community. Within the past month, the Fortnite challenge has emerged in which people (oftentimes nongamers) recreate the dance moves that players can perform in the game. One main reason that has led to the hype of the game is definitely its accessibility, as it can be played on PS4, Xbox as well as on mobile devices.

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