Why you need professional advice when selecting your influencers

If we said the name ‘Sheridan Mordew’ a month ago, the chances are you wouldn’t have heard of her. Even now the name may not immediately click. If we said “the fitness influencer who said her lockdown trip to Dubai was essential for her work”, we’d guess that the story — and the public backlash it created — chimes in your memory.

Nor is it the first example of an influencer causing an international wave of condemnation. We all remember Paul Logan’s calamitous fall from influencer stardom when he broadcast that video.

This is why it’s essential to have industry professionals analyse, vet, and filter any influencer you plan to associate with. It ensures that your brand benefits from influencer marketing’s stratospheric growth and accompanying success without the risk of a few loose cannons tarnishing your brand.

Influencer marketing works.

Influencer marketing has experienced 282% growth from 2016 to 2019. We’re now well beyond that, living through the exponential growth that was predicted in the marketplace. A new interest in the sector has further buoyed the gains that were already being made as more brands see the benefits of including influencer marketing in the marketing mix, and the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the online trend that was already well underway before 2020.

With significant growth comes a lot of opportunity for influencers, but also pressure. Some will handle it better than others. These are the potential pitfalls of working with an influencer, and here’s how having a professional on your side can ensure that your brand stays clear of them to enjoy the rewards without the risks.

1. Influencers are going to become busier.

As a result of the market expansion, there will be more work for influencers to do. Some will approach this in a structured way, accepting only the right work and the right level of work, before they reach capacity. Others won’t. 

Any freelancer knows there is a pinch-point where work quality is directly related to workload pressure. Influencers are going to begin to experience this in 2021. At Pulse, we have an “always on” approach: no influencer content goes live without our and your approval, and we are contactable 24/7. We monitor all output the influencer uploads during the campaign period to ensure consistent messaging and quality for your brand.

2. Successful influencers will get increasing media attention.

As with all “celebrity status”, these groups generate media stories and will continue to do so far into 2021. For most influencers, this is unlikely to be a problem. For the marketplace, this sort of shift will have ripple effects. It will be even more vital to have an industry expert assess any influencer’s background, data, and audience profile before your brand associates with them. This guarantees you only align with beneficial ambassadors.

3. Mistakes won’t just be minor reputation bumps; they will be headline news.

Picking the wrong influencer and aligning your name with their impromptu intervention on an emotive topic could be damaging for the brands involved. Given that those are the stakes now, it’s no surprise that influencer selection is more crucial than ever. 

For example, perceived lockdown breaches will not just give brands a minor headache for a couple of days. As hot-button topics such as sustainability, gender and diversity gain even more mainstream traction, it is going to be vital to ensure that all areas of your brand — from internal comms, external content and all partnerships — are flawlessly aligned in every single area of your marketing machinery.

This is a job that requires expert knowledge. Since the field began, we’ve been influencer market leaders — no one knows more about this industry than us. Help us to help you create the perfect campaign from start to end: reach out to our team now!