Why Influencer Marketing Will Disrupt Super Bowl Ad Spend

3.02.2017 Trends & Strategy

With the Big Game coming up this Sunday, brands are setting up great expectations on their 2017 Super Bowl commercials. According to a survey carried out by Survata for Adweek, more than 75% of consumers think that Super Bowl ads supplement the fun of the game, or are even better than the game itself. The survey also highlights the impact that Super Bowl ads have on boosting brand awareness and on improving the consumers’ attitude towards their brands.

However, as prices for Super Bowl ads continue to increase and consumer behaviors change, advertising on mass media is probably not enough anymore.

During Super Bowl 2016, the buzz on social media was impressive: over 200 million Facebook posts and 38 million impressions on Instagram were generated about the game. As we dive into an era of digital creation, millennials are paying less attention to traditional TV ads and getting more engaged with digital content, signaling a huge potential for brands to get much higher attention from social media advertising. Today’s consumer is in fact more likely to notice and trust personalized and targeted digital content created by online influencers, rather than a TV ad.

Influencers allow collaborative social engagement and create a more meaningful and deeper experience with their audiences. Such link is an opportunity for brands to reach current and potential consumers while taking advantage of the Super Bowl buzz.

In the years to come brands will therefore include more and more Influencer Marketing in their Super Bowl ad budget to increase their presence on social media during this event.

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