The Rundown On Chiara Ferragni And Fedez's Wedding

12.09.2018 Trends & Strategy

Dior dresses designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, private planes, a carnival, and a stunning guest list; Instagram sensation Chiara Ferragni’s wedding with Fedez is the talk of the town.

Just how influential is #TheFerragnez Wedding? Chiara Ferragni boasts 14.9 million followers while her now-husband Fedez has 6.7 million followers on Instagram. As one can imagine, the impact is tremendous. At Pulse, we’ve broken down the numbers for you.

To start, we looked into the amount of times the wedding has been shared on social media channels. How many total impressions did Fedez’s stories generate in the past week, how many brands sponsored the wedding, and how many total impressions did Ferragni’s Instagram stories generate?

The #TheFerragnez was used 26,255 times.

The total impressions of Fedez’s stories reached over 900 million+ during the wedding. Some of the brands he featured on his stories were Dior, Prada, and Alitalia.

#TheFerragnez wedding was sponsored by seven major brands – Prada, Dior, Versace, Trudi, Alitalia, Alberta Ferreti and M&M’s. The most prominent exposure was Dior’s two customised wedding dresses for Ferragni, the rehearsal dress designed by Prada, and Alitalia’s sponsorship, in which one post by Fedez has already generated more than 600,000+ interactions.

Ferragni’s stories from her wedding day have generated a total of 1.2 billion+ impressions. Her Instagram posts featuring her sponsors have garnered over 1 million+ interactions per post on average. On top of this, she has over 25 posts on her Instagram about her wedding, which means that her sponsored brands have earned a potential engagement of at least 25 million.

Influencers like Ferragni have arguably become more influential than celebrities. When considering your next influencer marketing campaign, reach and impressions are equally as important as the engagement of the brand’s own posts. The more invested people are in their favourite influencers, the more likely they will naturally connect with brands in which influencers endorse.

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