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Talent Spotlight: Get To Know Elisa

1. Where does your sense of aesthetic come from and where do you find inspiration to shoot your photos?
I believe that the visual regime in which we have been soaked for years cannot gratify by itself and cannot exhaust the aesthetic search of a content creator. When thinking of quality creative content, it is important to be authentic and as unique as possible.

Cultivating inspiration is a continuous exercise, because the danger of homologation and saturation of the reference imagery is a constant challenge. My aesthetic sense is in fieri. In this regard it is undeniable that the cultural factor stored over the years is a good starting point, but, as I mentioned just above, it must be constantly enriched with fantasies and perceptions; these can come from a description in a book, from a frame of a film, from a music, from a visit to a museum or from a journey that can also be an inner itinerary or simply a wandering in my city.
Basically everything is an inspiration in my work, especially the one you can't see with your eyes.

2. What direction would you pursue if you would not be an influencer?
At university I have studied communication for five years, therefore, my intent has always been to combine the visual part with the writing, but, with the evolution of the market and the relevance acquired by Instagram, the situation has been reversed. Despite this, I am convinced that there is still time to go back, to slow down our way of living and thinking by becoming more responsible and aware of our actions: starting with the consumption of objects and people to arrive at a slow and ethical enjoyment of our free time. People often look for mere distraction in entertainment and the cross-section of society that comes out by turning on the TV or browsing Google's most popular themes is tragicomic. Here, I would like to believe in a return to thought and reflection. My dream if I were not an influencer would be to work on an editorial project based on the concept of slow culture in which to enhance the positive values ​​of humanity, but also the art and beauty from which we are surrounded.

3. What’s the most inspirational book you’ve read?
I don't know what to answer because my readings have the habit of always leaving me feeling surprisingly inspirational. This imaginative "residue" settles in the memory and sooner or later emerges and becomes useful. Having said that, since I have just finished it (I start many books at the same time and finish them after a long time) I could say "Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter" by Simone de Beauvoir. A feminine autobiography of an avant-garde and exceptional woman, bright and shady, ambitious and strong-willed, restless and unsettling: a muse in the true sense of the word.

4. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Perfectionist, restless, sensitive.

5. What is a dream collaboration of yours?
The dream collaboration is that situation in which you feel stimulated, honored and satisfied at the same time, but also one that leaves you free to express your true essence.