Study Shows How Facebook And Instagram Satisfy Users’ Needs Differently

4.01.2017 Trends & Strategy

As influencer marketing continues to make waves, it is becoming ever more crucial that brands understand and consider the varying roles different social media platforms play in users’ lives.

Facebook recently conducted an international study with Facebook and Instagram users aged between 18 and 64 that unveiled the thought processes people have when they log into each platform depending not only on their generation, but gender and geographic location.

A key finding in the study projects that while Facebook tends to fulfill users’ need for “empowerment, recognition, and connection,” Instagram better satisfies their craving for “fun, relaxation, and discovery.”

This trend is what unarguably makes Instagram more conducive to influencer marketing campaigns; it is on this platform that users seek inspiration from those whom they may not know personally, whether for fashion, food, or DIY interior design, and are able to escape their realities virtually. In contrast, Facebook users are satisfied with navigating their own realities by connecting with families and friends.

The report best highlights this contrast through an example from the 2015 Melbourne Cup, a renowned horse race. While the most “liked” Instagram content during the race stemmed from celebrities and high-profile bloggers and revolved around fashion and event ambiance, the most popular Facebook posts focused on real-time reactions to the race and perspectives on newsworthy issues such as animal rights. This goes to show how Instagram’s visual nature promotes escapism, entertainment, and a behind-the-scenes feeling while Facebook propels reactions, discussion, and debate.

Click here to read the full report and to learn about how varying demographics approach each platform.

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