How to strengthen your bond with your social media audience

The word community suggests belonging, common goals, relationships and like-minded people coming together. Brand communities are no different!

In the simplest terms, a brand community is where people who have a vested interest or emotional connection to your brand can connect with you and each other. When done right, a brand community will keep members engaged, deliver value and even encourage members to become ambassadors for community growth.

But without a community management strategy in place, you’ll have a hard time getting people to join in the first place. Here are some top tips to help you build a stronger community that fosters lasting relationships.

Identify your audience’s needs.  

Your ideal client is scrolling through their feed and needs to find value in your posts before deciding to follow you. To create that value, you need to compose strategic content that does a deep dive into their needs and offers the desired solution. 

For example: if you’re a finance expert, are your ideal clients struggling with managing money during the pandemic, and can you offer advice on budgeting, saving, or how to make contingency plans in a crisis? If you’re a wellbeing coach, are your customers depressed over lack of social contact while distancing? Can you support them with that?

Your marketing message needs to resonate and align with your target audience’s beliefs. Ask your existing audience about their needs and pay attention to comments and questions in your direct messages. When you have a clear understanding of your target group, you’ll be able to connect with them through your brand message.

Have a plan.

You should also create a social media content calendar to plan your content in advance, leaning into the kinds of posts that have gotten a positive response for you in the past. When you have a consistent schedule, followers will also look forward to your posts as they know when to expect fresh content from you.

With every post, you need to be able to answer the “why”. Why are we posting this, and why does this matter right now? If you don’t care, your audience definitely won’t. That way, you’ll stay consistent, which is vital for growing engaged followers. Remember, you’re planning high-value, helpful content rather than uploading random content on an irregular basis.

Step away from the airbrush!

While it may go against your instincts as it’s natural to want to showcase your brand in a perfect light, data consistently shows that overly polished, hyper-curated content is actually a turnoff for today’s consumers. The lid has been well and truly lifted on the idea that you somehow caught the perfect candid photo — no one’s face happens to be truly radiant when caught off-guard, and we all know it!

Authenticity is the antithesis of airbrushing. You need to find a balance between professional and fun. Everyone makes the odd little slip-up, and we aren’t born camera ready. These less posed, more homemade photos/videos lead people to rave about your brand in a new way, with people engaging to say “I love your brand” instead of just “I love your product.” 

Keep in mind that the average viewer knows within a few seconds of viewing your content whether they want to continue with you. That’s why your personality needs to shine through. If the viewer likes the vibe you're giving off, they will stay, follow and engage. If not, they will swipe on to the next offering.

By working with influencers that fit your brand values and resonate with the target audience, your brand will have an easier time creating successful, organic content that resonates with consumers and drives more meaningful engagement. Here at Pulse Advertising, we’ve been building flourishing relationships between businesses and creators for years. Reach out to us to ensure robust, long term collaborative relationships.