Social Media Ad Spend To Outweigh Print By 2020

6.12.2016 Trends & Strategy

In their “Advertising Expenditure Forecasts” study, Zenith Optimedia, the agency owned by French advertising and PR giant Publicis, predicts that social media ad spend will surpass that of print by the year 2020.

Growing at a staggering 20% annually, social media ad spend is projected to hit an astounding $50 billion by 2019, up from its current $29 billion, and is slated to hold a “comfortable” lead by 2020. By 2019, social media advertising will account for 20% of all online advertising.

As more and more people turn to social media for their daily needs (like news), ad spend is being diverted to channels where there is an increasing audience size, and a highly engaged audience at that.

With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices and high-speed connectivity, social media has woven its way into our daily routines. Unlike their digital predecessors like banner ads, social media advertisements blend much more seamlessly into audiences’ feeds, making them less obtrusive.

More traditional ads, even in the digital space, are having a harder time reaching their intended audiences as nearly 70% of millennials report using some kind of ad-blocking technology. It’s no surprise then that advertisers are taking note of these trends in media consumption and putting their money where it matters.

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