Shopping From Your Favorite Creator’s Instagram Feed

7.05.2019 Trends & Strategy

Over 130 million Instagrammers tap on shopping posts to reveal brand tags each month according to Instagram. The platform has become a hub for fashion inspiration since its early days, as consumers scroll their feed to discover new products. Instagram continues to listen to users to make the online experience more enjoyable. Back in March, we discussed that Instagram took a big step towards investing in shopping opportunities by introducing a checkout feature. This week, it will expand with the ability to shop your favorite looks from creators you love.

Instagram will begin allowing influencers to tag products directly on their photos, similar to how brands have been able to. Over the next few weeks, a small group of pre-approved influencers will begin testing the new feature. The list ranges from mid-tier influencers to macro-level celebrities and media outlets. Initial testers listed include Gigi Hadid, Brittany Xavier, Cole Carrigan, Refinery29, and HypeBeast. Each selected individual is known for having users inquire about items featured on their accounts, from their go-to mascara in a makeup look to the boots they wore in a recent outfit post. Their feedback will help to iron out the final details before launching it for all creators.

Camila Coelho, a notable influencer in the space with over 7 million followers, expressed her joy towards being one of the early adopters of the update. “I’m constantly posting photos and videos in my favorite fashion and beauty looks because I want to share what I love with my community. My followers are always asking in comments and DM’s about what brands I’m wearing or where to buy certain pieces –shopping tags will make it so much easier to give my followers the information they’re looking for with a single tap. The days of screenshotting, saving to your camera roll, and scavenger hunting to find my go-to products are gone!”

Influencers will love the new feature, as they can focus more on creating instead of answering product-related questions. On top of this, the direct links will create an easier and more convenient shopping experience for users. Brands must be a part of the checkout beta in order for influencers to be allowed to tag products directly in their photos. This will push more brands to adopt the feature in order to maximize their power in pushing sales.

Influencer marketing will be heavily affected by this new feature. Authentic content can now be pushed without influencers relying on copy to promote the products advertised. Campaigns that rely heavily on conversion will hopefully see an increase in sales as users can easily shop without having to leave Instagram. On the analytics side, both creators and brands will receive insights from shopping posts to review their performance.

More information will be revealed about this new update as initial tests progress. With this, Instagram will continue to seek out ways it can satisfy its customers by providing new opportunities for brands, creators, and social media enthusiasts.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

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