#PulseTrendWatch - Spring

11.05.2018 Trends & Strategy

Spring is finally here and trends are blossoming all over social media. Influencers across Instagram are showing what is new and hot in fashion, beauty, food and travel. Influencers have come out with some fresh new tactics for influencer marketing to best engage with their audiences. Aiming for authentic content and genuine desire to share certain products, influencers are getting creative with finding out how to best understand their followers and deliver powerful content. We are keeping close watch over what has been trending this season — are these trends built to last? We will find out in our next trend watch! 

Influencer Marketing Trends

Polling on Instagram Stories

All influencers have followers, but great influencers know exactly who is following them and how to connect with them. Since the new Instagram feature rolled out, Influencers have become more clever with using the tool to to gage how their audience thinks, what they love, and what content they want to see. Asking questions like “what do you want to see more of” “have you bought your tickets for our event” or even “pizza or pasta” allow followers to get more actively involved with posts. Our #PulseTalent Aggie uses polling daily to create more genuine relationships with her followers, the #AggieTribe. She responds to her direct messages and highlights how involved her followers are in her life, making her influence even more impactful.

Influencers as Models in Brand Lookbooks/Campaigns

Pulling straight from Instagram rather than hiring a model, brands are noticing that it may raise overall campaign engagement to chose someone who is more authentic and already has a large scale social media following rather than hiring a more traditional model. MVMT used a series of influencers like @rockybarnes, @littleblackboots and @jourdansloane as the featured models for their MVMT Sunglasses lookbook #MVMTHeat. Similarly, FRYE featured @happilygrey for their Spring 2018 campaign. Clinique also did a magazine ad campaign in Glamour with @waityouneedthis.

Highlighted Instagram Stories by Category

Influencers are structuring the highlighted story feature based on category and continuously adding to it’s permanently viewable spotlight of their favorite stories featuring brand favorites and suggestions. While most of these are earned media, could this be a new way of influencer advertising by placing sponsored ad within these highlighted stories? This would allow stories to continue gaining reach and impressions after 24 hours. Stories mark a key conversion opportunity due to the inclusion of links to purchase product.

Check out what it looks like below.

Influencers Signing with Entertainment Companies

Earlier this year, Viacom acquired influencer marketing agency WhoSay, who manages a bevy of large-scale influencers like JoJo Siwa, Jay Versace and Liza Koshy. Viacom now has a step up over other entertainment companies as they have access to digital influencers and social support. This is a great way to keep entertainment content relevant for digital natives. Will this be the future for other entertainment media companies?

Content Category Trends

Influencers often are known for their expertise in a certain category whether that be fashion, beauty, food or travel. Whatever it may be, their audiences remain loyal to them because they trust in and follow their opinion leadership and trend suggestions. They, the innovators and early adopters, set the trends and we are here to look out for them and report. Here is what we have been seeing a lot of this April in the influencer world:

Fashion: Woven Bags

Food: Golden Lattes

Lifestyle: Diptyque Candles

Travel: Bali

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