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Pulse USA's Executive Insights

Pulse's USA branch is lead by experts in the influencer marketing industry. Christopher Carl is the Managing Partner of North America and Emma Mannswirth the Managing Director of the Talent Management Division.

Christopher brought Pulse to NYC back in 2015, and since then the company has grown at an unprecedented rate. Pulse's NYC based branch has become a powerhouse in the USA market, contributing to the global power of the Pulse Group. Read below to learn about Chris and Emma's goals for the company, where they see the industry going, and what sets Pulse apart in their opinions.

Christopher Carl:

When it comes to influencer sourcing, what are the most important factors to consider?

Besides the pure aesthetics, consistency and overall brand fit of an account, the underlying quantitative KPI’s are crucial in sourcing impactful talent. An assessment of follower count and engagement, follower demographics, gender and individual interests will ultimately decide whether an influencer will reach the right people.

How does the market for influencer marketing differ between the USA office and Pulse’s international offices?

While influencer marketing itself is borderless, the way influencer marketing is leveraged differs strongly across countries due to different technology preferences, consumption behaviors, taste patterns and socioeconomic factors. Having dedicated offices in key markets enables us to understand and cater to these national individualities.

What campaign from the USA team are you most proud of since Pulse’s founding?

My favorite campaign was probably our market entry campaign for Clif Bar in Canada. We were given the unique opportunity to define what Clif Bar stands for by selecting and collaborating with amazingly talented content creators within different verticals. From mountain climbers and kayakers to students and urban lifestyle bloggers, each told their unique Clif Bar story, showing the true personality of the brand. This enabled us to portray Clif Bar as a product that pervades all personalities, lifestyles and tastes, making it the go-to snack whether you’re conquering the highest peak or your next exam.

How do you see the advertising team’s campaigns and capabilities growing in 2018?

As influencer marketing is maturing, audiences are getting more and more discerning. We are at a point in influencer marketing where we need to break boundaries and create new and engaging ways of creating and broadcasting content to keep followers excited. “Experiential" is a frequently used, but often neglected buzzword that we are taking very seriously. Our campaigns will aim more and more at fusing the physical with the digital world, making the impact more aspirational and tangible. This development is reflected in our team structure and receives special attention.

Emma Mannswirth:

What does Pulse provide for influencers that sets it apart from other management agencies?

As our talents' strategic partner, we take a hands-on approach to turning their career goals into business empires. Each of our influencers receives the individualized attention of a highly skilled team of managers and brand strategists who actively seek brand partnerships, ambassadorships, press, and offline opportunities, as well as helping them cultivate their unique brand voice that resonates above the digital clutter.

What do you look for when adding new influencers to the Pulse roster? What qualities stand out?

We believe that influence is an art, and we’re fortunate to be working with some of the most talented content creators in the business. Obviously a highly engaged following is important, but it comes subsequent to creativity, passion, consistency, work ethic, a unique perspective and strong brand voice.

What are your goals for the roster in 2018 - how do you see the growth trajectory of the USA talent team?

The digital space is now more exciting than ever. New platforms and formats are revealing exceptional emerging talent here in the USA and globally. In 2018 we plan to expand our talent team, yet remain highly curated. We look to partner with both established and emerging digital visionaries who are unique and stand out in the increasingly saturated space.

Can you explain how the advertising and management divisions of Pulse work together to provide value to both brands and influencers?

Emma: The power of our integrated reach is our strength. Everyday, our teams are working side-by-side with the biggest and most promising brands and content creators. In an ever-evolving space, we’re privy to real time insights from our talent and brands on marketing trends and best practices.

Chris: Our talent division understands influencers inside and out and enjoys unparalleled respect in the industry. Their access to comprehensive and true influencer data lets them draw conclusions about best practices that significantly helps the advertising division develop the best possible campaigns. The advertising division in turn works with thousands of influencers around the globe on hundreds of brand campaigns giving us insights into up and coming content creators that could be a fit for our talent division.

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash