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Pulse Takes Coachella

Coachella music festival has become an event where every brand has a presence and looks to make an impact through influencer marketing.

 Celebrities and talents from around the world come to enjoy music and lively parties in the desert, allowing for the perfect opportunity for brands to create engaging content through partnerships. The Pulse Management team was able to attend Coachella with our talents: Tessa Barton @tezzamb, Pau Dictado @paudictado, Ellen Kim @spreadfashion, Emily Vartanian @emilyvartanian, Aggie Lal @travel_inhershoes, Adam Bartosheski @captainbarto, and Cassandra Dimicco @cassdimicco. Even some of our talent from Germany, Angelo Carlucci @angelo.carlucci and Sandra Lambeck @sandralambeck, made the trip!

The talent management team stayed in a gorgeous Palm Springs house that was home base in between attending the festival and branded parties with the talent. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our incredibly creative influencers. Each of our talents had numerous brand activations going live throughout the festival and were able to attend the most exclusive parties.

Our female talents in specific were able to partner with FURLA at their desert mansion for a beautiful aperitif event. The group of girls shared content from the event showcasing FURLA’s limited edition Ducale festival bag #FurlaDesertVibes. Another exciting event that Pulse talent were able to attend was the Fenty x Puma drippin’ pool party with Rihanna. In addition, talent hung out with Paris Hilton and other celebs at the ZOEasis party hosted by Rachel Zoe. The event took place at the Colony 29 estate in Palm Springs and was inspired by an Amalfi-coast retreat. On top of that, the Pulse gang was able to collaborate with REVOLVE, who made a big splash during the festival through styling over 450 influencers including the Pulse roster for the festival. The #REVOLVEfestival was a mini festival on an estate including top performers like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, and Chance the Rapper. The Lucky Brand Desert Jam was another party that our team attended, with Emily and Adam collaborating with the brand throughout Coachella with multiple posts sharing their styles. The list keeps going, with events such as the AMEX, Mercedes Benz, and McDonald’s parties.

Coachella drives sales for brands due to the consistent buzz that surrounds both the festival itself and the personalities that attend it, serving as the prime occasion for brands to amp up their influencer marketing efforts.

Our talent was able to successfully execute campaigns for a variety of brands, allowing them to align with the Coachella season and create a lasting impression. During such a saturated advertising period it is important for brands to partner with the right influencers that will both reach their target audience and create content that resonates.