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Performance x Influencer Marketing: A perfect recipe to win the Holiday Season

We can’t avoid it any longer — we need to talk about the upcoming holiday season. Or more importantly, how to make it a revenue highlight after what has been a turbulent year for businesses.

The good news is that brands have not missed the boat. The economic uncertainty has trickled into consumer spending habits, and 84% of consumers have not yet bought all their Holiday gifts yet. However, with Christmas approaching, consumers won’t delay much longer and will soon be filling their virtual shopping baskets.

To save your holiday campaign season, it will be crucial to lead with social media. The learning that all brands should have taken away from the spring lockdown is that consumers went online in their droves. In April this year, there was a 61% increase in social media engagement and a 95% increase in overall in-home media consumption. These numbers have not dropped off over the summer.

All of the top platforms have their own benefits, from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and so on. Each social media space has its own demographic and attracts an audience base with engendered habits and interests. Selecting the most appropriate platform for your brand and making use of its capabilities is the best practice when initiating a campaign.

With so much loss, illness, and restrictions circulating, consumers are going online for a bit of engaging escapism. Brands that can provide this will have consumer attention. Pulse Advertising’s CEO & co-founder, Christoph Kastenholz, advises that: “to generate exponential brand awareness and reach, TikTok & Instagram Reels are the channels to be on this holiday season. A successful method to market with short-form video is to build a featured challenge.”

Implementing a robust influencer marketing campaign will be vital to support your social media efforts. Christoph Kastenholz additionally comments that: “influencer marketing is becoming more and more advanced as brands are discovering the success they can achieve through activating powerful creators. 3.6 billion of us are active social media users, and this figure is set to explode to 4.4 billion by 2025. These are huge markets to be won or lost by getting your digital marketing strategy right. Many brands have tasked us with integrating influencer and performance marketing to ensure this success.”

Holiday campaigns need not break the bank!

However — given the increasingly crowded digital marketplace — they must be creative enough to cut through the noise.

Brands that have managed this best have sought strategies involving influencer collaboration with performance marketing. Performance marketing generates high-quality leads for brands through a mixture of organic and native influencer content and provides real-time measurement of ROI for truly scalable campaigns.

It’s true that this festive period won’t resemble the ones that came before it, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing; brands can either choose to view this pandemic as a lost cause or a challenge. To quote Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” We are market leaders in influencer marketing, and official partners of Instagram, TikTok, and Snap. Our work has been recognised by Forbes, Influencer Marketing Awards and TEDx, amongst others. As a creative and media agency, we focus on right influencers, creative content, and data-driven strategies to tell your story. Your audience is online, reach out to them through influencer marketing.