Why meaningful advertising will completely replace traditional ads

Let’s face it: disruptive product placement ads no longer work. Click-through rates are notoriously low — usually in the single-digit percentages — and the customer acquisition cost (CAC) seems to be going up.

Most consumers no longer even pay attention to disruptive ads. In fact, they are going to increasing efforts to avoid them: ads blockers are a standard fixture on many devices, and many consumers are even handing over their hard-earned money to upgrade a service just to remove them.

Ineffective marketing is simply a waste of budget — whether you’re a young company that has limited resources and struggles to compete with more established players, or a big name brand that is noticing that the cost of acquiring a customer is sometimes higher than the lifetime value of this customer. Pulse pioneered meaningful advertising to redress this widening gulf between marketing and consumer, by making sure that your brand is always talking to the right people, in the right place, at the right time to achieve the best possible ROI.

What is meaningful advertising?

Meaningful advertising ensures that brands tailor their resources to relevant audiences, at a time and place when they’re most receptive to the message. There are multiple ways to communicate meaningfully and authentically with existing and potential customers — from engaging with them on social media and sharing content they find helpful, to building a community around your product. However, the real power of meaningful advertising is unlocked when you tell your company story in front of as many audiences as possible — nothing communicates your brand values and mission better.

The most effective way to do this is by finding opportunities for exposure through social media.

You will be able to tap into existing audiences and share your story with people who you otherwise would not be able to reach and who might just be looking for a product just like yours.

Influencer Marketing is all about the bonds between people: addressing your audience through the people they trust, in the places they’re listening. Professional content creators are amazingly good at demonstrating how your products/services work in different contexts and settings across various age groups and cultures. This opens your brand up to a much wider audience as customers can experience your product in a much more immersive way, through someone they trust and relate to. Consumers are brought closer to brands organically by someone they trust, enabling much more robust visual and emotional storytelling than a pure product advertisement could ever deliver.

Why does it work?

People have little patience for brands that don’t know who they are, what they need, and how they prefer to be served. In this landscape, consumers are gravitating towards companies that demonstrate how well they understand the consumer as an individual and create innovative ways of engaging them.

How a brand comes across goes hand-in-hand with where it comes across, so communicating with your audience on the channels they frequent using the personalities or interests they associate themselves with is a vital first step. For brands that want traction with a contemporary audience, the best way to achieve this is by demonstrating that they’re listening. While audiences are quick to align with brands that they identify with, they are just as quick to move away from brands that they don’t feel aligned with or represented by.

Brands need to connect with customers by addressing them as individuals rather than faceless consumers by demonstrating an awareness of their concerns, motivations, and values. Influencer Marketing is highly effective at telling your brand’s story and articulating your mission, values, ethos and history so that customers can understand the “why” behind you and your product.

In the current climate, it is crucial to remember that every consumer interaction elicits an emotion. Stress can really amplify consumer responses and reactions — which is why it’s so vital for brands to consider not just how to meet the consumers’ rational needs but connect with them on an emotional level. We are experts in creative storytelling — reach out to us to ensure your strategy hits the right note in these times of heightened awareness.