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Spotted: Our Ceo On The Business Punk Magazine Cover!

Business Punk Magazine, for their Winter edition, selected 100 people whose achievements and ideas impressed them - and our CEO and Co-Founder Lara Daniel was at the center of it.

She was named as Entrepreneur #1.

Lara and Chris founded Pulse Advertising with the knowledge that traditional advertising is dead, which inspired them to develop a business around Influencer Marketing. On a Sunday evening in 2014, the couple decided to create Pulse Advertising. That same night they worked on the website. The following Monday, they registered the company. As of Tuesday, they began reaching out to potential clients, and at the end of the week, they had their first deal.

"Neither of us had any real work experience, and we just did everything the way we thought it could work", explains Lara.

In five years, Pulse Advertising has grown tremendously. From a small start-up, they currently have five offices in Hamburg, London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles and over 100 employees.

When asked about their vision for 2020, the CEOs both feel that TikTok is the most discussed channel at the moment. While Instagram and YouTube are more significant in the western markets, most brands, big and small, want to do something on TikTok now. Pulse Advertising is TikTok's partner agency and created a record-breaking campaign with MAC Cosmetics recently.

Chris Kastenholz, our CEO, further explains that "it is not possible to send every type of message via TikTok. Anything reminiscent of traditional advertising won't work. Commercial content doesn't work on this platform; it has to be a sensible integration of the brand into the story. With MAC Cosmetics, the message wasn't to buy the MAC products. It was to show that we like you as you are."

In 2020, the Influencer Marketing agency wants to increase its presence and activities in China and APAC market as a whole. "This region is fascinating due to its geographic market and its social media environment. We already have a lot of Chinese clients," says Lara.

To learn more about Lara and Chris' entrepreneurial journey, pick up your copy of Business Punk Magazine now. For in-depth consultation on how to have the best Influencer Marketing strategy for 2020, reach out to our team.