It’s Coachella Time! Get Your Instagram Ready For The Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

13.04.2017 Trends & Strategy

It’s that time of the year again when the world’s biggest musicians, artists, and celebrities all gather in one place for a weekend of music and exclusive parties: Coachella will take over Indio on April 14-17 and, as usual, hundreds of thousands of trendsetters are expected to attend the event.

Over the years, Coachella has affirmed itself as THE music festival, attracting more than 100,000 visitors per day, with half of them being millennials.

Why is this important for brands?

A recent survey conducted by Momentum Worldwide and concert promoter AEG Live found that 93% of festival-goers said they like brands that sponsor music events; 80% said they were more likely to recommend a brand on social media if they saw it at Coachella; and 55% said that they would be more likely to purchase a product after seeing it at Coachella.

The popularity of the festival has only been growing on social media, and especially on Instagram, where everybody’s attention is focused on celebrities and influencers posting photos and videos showcasing their personal experiences at the event.

Still not convinced? Here are some facts from Coachella 2016, according to Hire Influence:

#coachella posts reached over 1.8 million shares;
#coachella2016 is up 2nd coming in at 260,000 posts;
#coachellastyle reach up to 56,000 posts;
and #coachellavibes is up to 21,800 shares.

It goes without saying that the buzz around Coachella represents profitable opportunities for brands; it is unarguable that showcasing products at a trend-focused festival like Coachella enables fashion and other brands to garner vast exposure to target audiences. Because followers of social media influencers will likely see every photo, video, or Instagram Story that their lifestyle models share during the festival, brands are able to reach an impressive audience instantaneously by triggering word of mouth and boosting brand awareness.

Here are some examples of brands that have been doing big things at Coachella:


H&M partnered with model Hailey Baldwin to promote its Lookbook in 2016, with Baldwin sporting the items from the new collections and generating an incredible level of engagement (nearly 300k likes in under a week!).


Revolve is known for hosting their annual Coachella party, inviting top fashion and beauty instagrammers such as SincerelyJules and Negin Mirsalehi. As it is tradition, Revolve will return this year with its desert pool party, with influencers such as Lily Mac, May Sent and Leonie Hanne expected to attend.


As one of Coachella’s official sponsors, American Express has partnered with lifestyle influencers such as Adam Gallagher, Sophie Elkus and Paola Alberdi. This year, the company will offer its cardholders access to special programs both on and off the festival grounds.

With so much going on over the span of two weekends, there is no doubt that Coachella will rock this year too, and that brands will gain astonishing exposure from the event thanks to influencer collaborations.

Photo Attributed to: CL Tampa

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