Interview With Kosta Williams: A True Modern Man

15.08.2017 Trends & Strategy

Pulse recently had the chance to ask our talent Kosta Williams a few questions in order to share some insight into the man behind the blog. Kosta, a Germany native, was originally working as an art director when he decided to begin his blogging adventure. His creative background undoubtedly transpires through the content that he creates. The consistently high quality of Kosta's account has allowed him to gain an impressive following on social media—at this point he has garnered 520,000 loyal Instagram followers, with the count growing more and more every day. Kosta is also an asset because his followers actively engage with his content; he receives around 15,000 likes on his images on average, pointing to Kosta’s exceptional ability to connect with his followers and continuously create appealing, intriguing posts.

Kosta is part of the German blogger trio known as “The Modern Men,” made up of friends Daniel (@magic_fox), and Sandro (@sandro). Each of the “Modern Men" are well-known in Germany and internationally for their strong presence on social media, where they share everything from fashion to fitness tips with their massive combined audience. But how did the trio begin the blog? Kosta explained, “We all knew each other before the whole Instagram thing started. Daniel and I played soccer together on the same team. Sandro and I were partying a lot together.” Kosta was the instigator of the friendship between Daniel and Sandro, saying that he “brought the whole crew together.” At this point the “Modern Men" had all begun sharing content on Instagram and were acquiring large followings. Kosta explained that they then had the idea to create a blog together as a team. This has since become an asset for all of them, allowing them to collaborate with select top of the line brands as a trio, travel the world together, and of course, conveniently, photograph one another. When asked what makes him different then the other men Kosta said, “I think every one of us is an individual and has his own skills. But we all think the same and have the same interests, which makes for a pretty good team.” The men are all unique in their content, fashion, and personality, yet all share a passion for sharing their life through images and snippets of their favorite moments.

What makes Kosta unique is that his content is extremely versatile. Kosta can go from working out in the gym, to wearing a tux with a glass of champagne, to skateboarding in sneakers. He definitely has an edgier, more street-style-inspired look than the other men, often sporting chains and army print. His followers love to see what he’s wearing in order to emulate his look in their own lives, making his fashion brand partnerships extremely effective.

His content extends beyond fashion to travel and lifestyle tips as well, which allowed him the incredible opportunity to work with AIDA cruises this summer. Kosta’s diverse account therefore allows him to work with a variety of different brands, from Grey Goose Vodka to Aesthetic Revolution apparel. When asked if there was a particular post that he was most proud of, Kosta said it was when he went to the Sheikh Sayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. He explained that this one stood out, saying, “I love to see different cultures and the followers loved to see me wearing a Thawb (Gewand).” Something Kosta’s fans may not know about him? He is a die-hard soccer fan. Unfortunately, Kosta told Pulse that had to stop playing two years ago because blogging began to take up too much of his time—and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kosta is truly a modern man, sharing his life experiences on social media, which vary from riding ATVs in Greece to attending exclusive parties. Pulse Management is lucky to have such a multi-faceted talent on our roster.

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