Instagram Moves In Further On Snapchat

30.11.2016 Trends & Strategy

Social media has been in a state of transition for the better part of 2016. Twitter has been struggling to bolster revenue, Snap Inc has begun rolling out a number of brand extensions such as wearable tech, while Instagram continues to be the dominant force in mobile social media — with influencer marketing particularly finding its groove in the world of both advertising and digital media.

Instagram has been hot on the heels of Snap Inc’s cornerstone product Snapchat. After its controversial inclusion of Instagram stories, Instagram has slowly been catching up to its primary rival. Recent changes highlight this in particular.

Mashable  reports that Instagram has recently implemented two new key components that it adopted from its competitor.

The first major change is that Instagram will now notify users when their ephemeral content has been screenshotted by others.

The second major change is that users can now send ephemeral content directly to users rather than just posting it to their story, a feature lifted directly from Snapchat’s playbook.

Finally, users are now able to share live video via Stories on their Instagram account and broadcast content to all of their followers — a feature that has been adopted from parent company Facebook’s mobile app. This change, in particular, indicates a movement towards video amongst social media platforms.

These changes have a direct impact on the usability and function of Instagram. It particularly opens up a number of creative options and avenues for Influencers and brands to explore in order to share branded content. Though these affects are immediate, what this spells for the rivalry between Instagram and Snap Inc remains up in the air.

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