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Instagram has gone back to basics

Instagram has switched up its approach, instead of advancing with new features and updates, their video formats will be scaled back to create a more cohesive and simplified app. 

So, IGTV will disappear and a single video format has hit the scene. In just one ‘video icon’ on a profile, you will find all long-format video content. Essentially they have combined IGTV and regular feed videos and created a home for the two of them together. However, it is not for all video content as reels remain separate and unchanged. So three different video formats become two. 

It's a big change but here are the little updates: 

  • Video editing tools such as cropping, filters, tagging location and a playback function have been added

  • You can keep scrolling from any video to discover new videos and new profiles that may be of interest (a move towards horizontal scrolling just like TikTok)

  • There will be holistic video insights and metrics for businesses and creators. This may not be the most beneficial move but it will offer a broad overview

  • IGTV ads have changed their name to Instagram In-stream ads 

Even though all these updates may sound small or complex, it is all in a bid to streamline and simplify the app - but is it really more simple? Is this a step towards a simplified Instagram or a step away from its original identity? 

If you’re an OG user of Instagram, then you’ll remember when it was just an image-sharing platform but now that seems to no longer be their main focus. Perhaps the same method is used with Facebook of adding as many new elements and features, overboarding it, and then scaling it back to see what sticks and ultimately what doesn’t. Instagram’s video editions did help them gain a lot of users when it first launched but now the app is becoming too crowded and confusing. This is one of the many reasons TikTok is thriving - it is simple, easy to use and fun. Its identity is strong and recognisable, so much so that social media platforms are desperately trying to eminante their hugely popular format. 

With all these new changes, let’s see what Instagram becomes in the social media space.