Instagram Adds More Features For Comments

7.12.2016 Trends & Strategy

Instagram has been making waves with its recent slew of upgrades, additions and changes to the app. Its most recent feature additions are no exception.

According to AdWeek,  Instagram announced that users are now able to “like" comments and even disable them from their posts altogether. The changes will allow users to “show support" and "encourages positivity throughout the community," co-founder Kevin System wrote on the application’s blog.

These two changes can have major effects on the influencer marketing sphere, particularly and most especially with regards to engagement management and measurement.

Comments are an important factor in quantifying and measuring sentiment and audience reception of a particular post, brand or product. By being granted the ability to disable the comment section, users and influencers alike are now able to take away a major factor of measuring campaign success. Conversely, the ability to “like" comments adds a deeper layer of engagement qualification and opens up a brand new element for measuring campaign and posting success.

It will be interesting to see how these two new features will be utilized by influencers in future collaborations. In addition, it is imperative for agencies, such as Pulse, to know how to use them in the most optimal way in order to gain maximum traction for brands — and we’re already on it.

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