Influencer Spotlight: Meet Tessa Barton (@tezzamb) !

18.09.2017 Team

Pulse is so excited to welcome Tessa Barton to the Pulse Management Family! Originally from Utah, and now NYC-based, Tessa shares her unique, vibrant personal style and eye for photography with her 220k (and growing!) followers on Instagram, and 7k+ monthly blog visitors. Tessa’s feed is unmistakable, full of vivid colors, on-trend outfits, and exciting travels. We asked Tessa a few questions about her personal life, her passions, and her work- keep reading to learn more about Tessa!

When and how did you decide to become an influencer?

I was a photographer and loved taking photos of everything: fashion, travel, lifestyle, etc. I started to build a personal following aside from my photography company and before I knew what it really was or that there was even a job title for it, I was an influencer. I have always loved to write and create so it came naturally for me, and taking the photos was the easier part because I had been doing that for years!

How would you describe your personal style?

Boho, rocker chic? Haha, I am always changing my style and trying new things out. I am super inspired by 70’s rock n’ roll and grew up in the Mountains so all of that definitely shows in my style.

What is your go-to style? What pieces of clothing or accessories are a must in your style?

Boots. I live for boots and they take up 90% of my closet -- I wear them year round! And lately I am a sucker for suits, printed suits, colorful, velvet, you name it and I got it!

How has your music influenced your style?

Growing up playing in bands and having a love for music I look to musicians like Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, David Bowie, and Jack white for inspiration. From attitude to style, there is so much expression in music and there aren’t really any rules! I have a deep love for that unapologetic authenticity that you feel from a musician, and part of that comes from their personal style; it locks you in.

What social media campaign(s) do you consider to have been your favorite(s)? Why?

I have worked with Urban Outfitters since before I can remember and that was one of the first big brands I worked for and still do! They put a lot of trust and give a lot of freedom to the people they work with and I think it really shows in their brand and to the customer. I was shocked when they reposted my image. It felt like so cool to have such a big brand see little old me as someone and appreciate my work enough to repost it!

What is your favorite aspect of being a social media influencer?

The community it creates and the discovery of so many artists. It’s extremely inspiring. So many people who would have never thought to take a photo or see the world in a new way are now creative and have tapped into a part of themselves they might not have even known existed; I find that so exciting. I love connecting with people and inspiring them to do something different or to go for something they dream about. There is weird responsibility in this job that can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure, but I respect it and want to do it right. I feel lucky to be able to create and share what I love and have people who find it interesting -- it's truly amazing.

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