Influencer Spotlight: Meet Heather

31.07.2018 Interviews

Pulse Management is beyond excited to have Heather Goodman join the Pulse talent roster. The Arizona-born artist is currently living in Hawai’i with her husband Bryant. Up until 2 years ago, she worked minimum wage job before quitting to pursue photography full time. With her photography skills and artistic background, she now captivates more than 185k on Instagram where she documents her daily life and travel experiences. The surfer girl truly loves the ocean which is a reoccurring theme across all her platforms. Read below to learn more about what inspires Heather:

Tell us about your passion for the ocean and its preservation?

Growing up in Arizona, I was disconnected from the ocean and the reality of our impact as humans on it. Since moving to Hawaii, I have seen firsthand the damage that careless tourism, fishing, and plastic use has on the ocean, beautiful beaches, and even cultures and people who are intertwined with the ocean. I have since felt the responsibility to do all I can to protect these amazing places and cultures for future generations! Whether that's eating sustainably, avoiding single use plastics, living with less, and learning more about how my daily choices impact the world.

Where in the world would you want to live if you didn't live on Oahu?

I would love anywhere tropical with waves!

What is a skill you want to get better at?

It's my goal to get out in the water more this year and get better at surfing so I can surf some of the bigger spots with my husband!

What’s the most inspirational book you’ve read?

I love Present Over Perfect and The Alchemist. They are just books that make you reevaluate your life!

What’s your favorite type of photography?

I absolutely love cultures, stories, and people. If I could just meet interesting people all day and take their photos I would be perfectly content! I also love travel photography. I love showing people places they might not have considered traveling to before because they either didn't know about it or had misconceptions about it.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Not many people know that I can paint and play the piano. I started both when I was super young!

What is a dream collaboration of yours?

I would love to work with an organization that combines working with people and doing good in different parts of the world!

Want to know more? Check out Heather’s platforms below!




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