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Influencer Spotlight: Get To Know Jamie!

Pulse Management is thrilled to have Jamie Mansfield @jamienkidd as the newest addition to our roster.

Based in L.A, Jamie’s stylish and color-saturated travel photography captures the world at large, from beach hopping in the Greek islands to the urban skyscapes of New York City. We had the chance to sit down with Jamie recently and ask her about what she is passionate about, from designing jewelry to curling up with her cats.

Where do you see the main difference between your job as a model and your job as an influencer? What do you like most about each of them?

Modeling and blogging are sooo similar but sooo different! I love modeling because everyday you work for a different brand who has a completely different vibe and style than the day before; it's kind of like playing a different character! With blogging I get to do more of my own thing — shoot where I want and style my outfits to coordinate with my personal style.

What direction would you pursue if you would neither be a model nor an influencer?

If I wasn't a model or influencer, I would want to do something with flowers, such as a florist for weddings/photoshoots.

What event in your life would make a good movie?

I would definitely say the whole 2 years of Blake and I doing a long distance relationship! We flew across the world every month: dramatic airport moments, saying goodbye, traveling for the first time together, etc, all leading up to our wedding!

What’s the most ridiculous thing that someone has tricked you into doing or believing?

My husband, Blake, when we first started dating, told me he was allergic to peanuts. I would be so cautious and make sure no peanuts were ever in his food or even nearby! One day I saw him eating creamy peanut butter and freaked out, then he finally confessed that he wasn't allergic — he just really hates peanuts because of a childhood incident of finding them in the couch!

Tell us about your cats! How many cats is too many cats?

OHHHH the cats!! We just got our 4th (yes, that wasn't a typo) I have such a soft spot for rescuing animals, ever since I was little. If I could catch it and bring it home, it was now a family pet! We have finally capped at 4 cats and won't get any more until after we have kids later on down the road. Of course I would get a million more, but I also feel like a bad mom when I can't spend quality time with each of them!

Tell us about your jewelry line and what it is like to run your own business? What inspires your designs?

My jewelry line has been my pride and joy for over 5 years now! I started it back in college just for fun, and it grew from there! I have been through it all; I used to literally make jewelry in my dorm room on the floor, and literally cry when someone would buy it online for $10. My designs have really evolved over the years and changed with the ever growing fashion world. I love creating from my personal travels and grabbing inspiration from all the amazing things I see. I even like to bring home pieces to reconstruct and make into one of a kind pieces as well!

Want to know more? Check out Jamie’s platforms below!

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