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Influencer Marketing lessons from the humble pancake!

Pancake Day is a simple joy at the end of winter! But as we whip up our batter for another year, it occurred to us that pancakes have so much more to teach us...

Get the basics right. 

The basic ingredients that go into a pancake are flour, baking soda, milk, eggs, sugar and salt. The right quantity of these core ingredients is very important to make a soft and fluffy pancake. Too much salt is devastating to your taste buds, too much milk leaves you with a sloppy mess and too many eggs makes them dense and chewy. Each element is essential in the right proportion. 

To succeed in influencer marketing, brands need to have the right marketing mix: platform match, influencer fit, brand ambassador alliances, data analytics, campaign message, honed target group. Before giving your creative team the task to build the most compelling brand narrative in history, you must ensure you are talking to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. 

Not everyone wants lemon and sugar on their pancakes. Some prefer Nutella, whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit… savoury?! Sometimes mixing up your tried and tested favourite reinvigorates your love for a classic combo.  

As with pancakes, creativity is the key to success for all influencer marketing strategies.

Your strategy will also change with your KPIs/target audience/social media landscape development. Mixing up your offering will keep your audience hungry for more, and engagement is the precursor to conversion!

Flip the pancake at the right time. 

Successfully flipping a pancake is an art. Your first attempts may well end up oddly shaped, on the floor, or even stuck to the ceiling! Success tastes much sweeter when we can compare it to how far we’ve come. Pancake flipping is the ultimate high-stakes culinary challenge: but, if you don’t flip at all your pancake will be half-baked, and if you don't do it fast enough then it ends up burnt. So flip you must… but at the right time. 

If marketers stick to the same digital media strategy because it was successful in the past, they are bound to fail. Brands need to pivot at the right moment to stay ahead of the curve and remain future-oriented. Don’t wait too long to adapt, or your digital strategy might resemble some of those “oops” pancakes you hide at the bottom of the stack so that no one ever sees…

Don’t forget to have fun!

Messy kitchen, sticky fingers, flour on the face, syrup in your hair, and friends & family taking pictures to post — it's all part of the fun that makes Pancake Day such a highlight every year!

Your social media presence, influencer marketing strategy and brand ambassador collaborations should all express the joy in your brand. Bringing a smile to your audience should be the ultimate aim; people remain loyal to brands they feel bonded to. Driving brand awareness/sentiment is every bit as important as pushing those all-important conversions.