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How to ensure influencer marketing success in 2021

Influencers are a driving force in the world of marketing. 89% of brands say the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels. Here are 4 tips for the 4 quarters this year to help you ensure your influencer marketing activations are a success!

1. Choose your influencers wisely

Selecting the right influencers is a potent boost for your brand when they have an established following that matches your targeted audience's profile.  Influencers connect with their audience on a personal level. It’s why people follow them. 

A single influencer with a large following is typically not enough to single-handedly achieve the results you are striving for, so building a core squad of suitable creators is a highly effective strategy. The key qualities to look for in your squad are:

✔️Influencers who fit with your brand (similar audiences, interests, values).  Make sure they are relevant to your brand's profile.

✔️People with engaged followings (high number of comments, shares, and other interactions).  Be sure to check their engagement carefully because, like many other things on social media, even this can be bought.

✔️Influencers who bring something to your brand that is hard to find otherwise. It might be a certain attitude, type of content or connection with their audience. 

2. Listen as well as speak

Many brands adopt the wrong attitude in working with influencers by believing they can dictate, down to the tiniest details, about the content they publish because they are paying them.  

It is important to remember that each creator’s reputation — and therefore livelihood — lives and dies on the trust they’ve painstakingly built with their audience. Reciting an obviously branded, scripted line risks undermining that trust by looking like a corporate sell-out. This will also kill the engagement, as modern audiences can immediately identify inauthentic content and automatically tune out the thinly disguised promotion — 71% of consumers reported being able to tell when an influencer was performing. Allowing the creator to say the same thing in their own style enables the output to sound organic, thus driving up engagement, clicks, and potential conversion — a win-win for both parties!

Instead of being overbearing, adopt a more collaborative attitude and seek to work together to co-create content. Read our blog for further tips to maximise your relationship with your creators!

3. Ensure message sensitivity in the new normal

COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life for billions of people around the world. People are out of work, working reduced hours, juggling homeschooling their kids with Home Office… the list goes on.

In this landscape, people aren’t just shopping for products — they are looking for solutions. Brands that serve a purpose are the ones that will stand out and ultimately win the consumer. With 76% of consumers reporting that ethical considerations drive their purchasing decisions more than perceptions of corporate competency, demonstrating to your audience that you are socially aware is likely to boost conversions alongside brand sentiment.

4. Maximise the impact of creator-led content!

Once the influencer starts posting your content, there are some additional things you can do to really make an impact:

✔️Share their content on your brand social channels to give it an additional boost and show solidarity.

✔️Ask them if they have any future ideas such as doing an interview/podcast, a co-authored blog post, getting their input on your next design, etc. The more invested the creator, the more enthusiastically they’ll promote you. Remember, these people are professional content creators, and their ideas are often invaluable as well as innovative.

✔️Prioritise innovative engagement. Add gamification challenges to your brand. TikTok & Instagram Reels challenges also gain a lot of traction at the moment, and YouTube Shorts is on the horizon. Many consumers have a lot more time on their hands just now — make sure it’s engaged with your brand!