How to collaborate successfully with Influencers

4.09.2020 Trends & Strategy

Very often, brands devote so much attention to selecting the right influencers that they sometimes overlook how to maximise the relationship with the creators they’ve so carefully shortlisted. Few brands understand how to work with influencers effectively because it’s a relationship that needs to be finely balanced to thrive.

Here at PULSE we’ve been building flourishing relationships between businesses and creators for years. We’ve put together some top tips to make sure your brand stays perfectly in tune with your collaboration partners, and how to avoid those little interactions which can turn things sour!

1. Guide rather than force

Brands can sometimes come across as controlling or give the impression that they don’t trust the creator by over-scripting the influencer. It is important to remember that each creator’s reputation — and therefore livelihood — lives and dies on the trust they’ve painstakingly built with their audience. Reciting an obviously branded, scripted line risks undermining that trust by looking like a corporate sell-out. This will also kill the engagement, as modern audiences can immediately identify inauthentic content and will automatically tune out the thinly disguised promotion - 71% of consumers reported being able to tell when an influencer was performing. Allowing the creator to say the same thing in their own style with allow the output to sound organic, and thus drive up engagement, clicks and potential conversion — a win-win for both parties!

2. Show that you’re interested in them as people

When you make the first contact, make it clear that you value the creators as individuals rather than just as contributing revenue streams. An outreach that comes across as cold or indifferent can see collaboration acceptance rates plummet, sending you back to the selection pool to draw from your second-tier candidates. To prevent this and get your preferred influencers actively engaged in your campaign, make the first contact count by crafting it carefully. As well as communicating the campaign details, be sure to communicate what you value about the influencer’s content and why they made your shortlist. Everyone likes to feel appreciated in any business arrangement!

3. Feedback considerately

Even with a brief that your team spent hours crafting, the influencer’s creative process can sometimes take them down an interesting path (ah, “interesting”… one of the best euphemisms in the English language!) When an influencer submits a potential post for approval, acknowledge the creative energy that went into it even if it isn’t quite what you’re after. This is particularly important if it’s a new relationship as it’s the first test of whether you trust them as a creator. With compassionate feedback, you will be able to channel and re-direct that creative energy to get a result that works for everyone.

Influencer Marketing has to be an integral part of any brand’s marketing mix. In comparison to traditional marketing strategies, influencer marketing is much more cost-efficient because it allows you to directly target your desired audience by partnering with creators who have audiences suitable for your campaign, and know-how to generate stunning pieces of advertising. To ensure robust, long term collaboration relationships, reach out to us.

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