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Get To Know Manuel

1) Tell us when you realised that becoming a photographer was your path?
I realized that becoming a photographer was my path when I began to feel more and more the desire to amaze through my photos and to show my work to other people.
I started to experiment by taking pictures and then posting them on the web; at the time, every time I noticed that many people were amazed by the style of my photographs, it really triggered a chain reaction and their attraction to my photos inspired me to keep taking pictures.

2) If you could shoot any person in the industry, who would it be and why?
I follow so many people in fashion and entertainment through social media, but one of the people who inspired me the most because of her lifestyle and in her overall way of being is Lady Gaga. I have always loved her art and how she managed to create from scratch a character that, back then, no one believed in and that now succeeds in every field at 360°: from music to cinema, to art direction.

3) You are often travelling and working all around the world. What’s your favourite city to be in and why?
In the last few years I have worked in many places all over the world and I really got to admire the diversity and particularity of many populations, thus it is kind of difficult for me to choose just one place. For example, my last trip to India left me with memories and emotions that I will never forget, but my favourite place is undoubtedly Los Angeles: it is a city where I do feel free, carefree and happy all the time and, above all, it is full of spots where to take super cool photos 😏

4) How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Creative, Precise and Logorroic 😆

5) What direction would you pursue if you would neither be a photographer nor an influencer?
None, I will try in every way to continue taking pictures for the rest of my life, whatever the cost!

6) Where do you find inspiration professionally?
Professionally I set up my work on the basis of what is requested by the client and I re-elaborate it in a personal form and according to my own signature mark by creating an output that represents me 100%.