Gear Up For A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign In 2017

31.01.2017 Trends & Strategy

With eMarketer along with other top marketing sites reporting that an impressive 84 percent of brands are projected to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign this year, it is becoming hard to ignore the fact that the relatively new trend is taking over the spotlight in the advertising world.

Savvy marketers already understand why this is the case. But this does not mean that they all know how to solve the challenges that come with influencer marketing. Below are our top two tips that will help set you up for a successful, mishap-free influencer campaign in 2017.

1.) Successful influencer campaigns stem from strong, distinctive brand personas. It is nearly impossible to execute a campaign that will satisfy your marketing goals without establishing and understanding both who you are as a brand and who you wish to cater to. Think about questions like, does my company’s branding appeal to my specific target audience? Does the influencer’s follower demographic match my target audience? Sure, a potential customer may love your product when they see their favorite fashion blogger sporting it, but you want to ensure that they will still love it when they click the link to your website or social platforms. To keep it short and sweet: know yourself, know your audience, and structure your influencer campaigns around those identities.

2.) Do not get star-struck by massive followings. Brands that are new to influencer marketing often get swept away by the numbers, when in reality, working with a blogger with 6 million followers may, believe it or not, do more harm than working with a blogger with a mere 200 thousand followers. Why is this the case? Boasting a large following does not imply that the influencer’s audience is fully engaged or that their content is of the highest quality—it is essential to investigate factors like engagement rates and content relevancy to better guarantee that your sponsored post will garner attention and long-held interest. Working with a massive influencer with poor engagement and no niche could very well paint your brand to be inauthentic, inexperienced, and hungry for aimless exposure.

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