Flamcis: The Woman Behind The Blog

21.06.2017 Interviews

Pulse had the opportunity to speak with Francis Lola, better known as “Flamcis" by her social media following, in order to learn more about the woman behind the blog. Francis is Los Angeles based and known for her fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel expertise. Having studied fashion merchandising and worked as a freelance stylist before beginning her blog in 2014, Francis now uses social media to express her dedication to the latest trends in fashion in a new, visually striking way, sharing her personal style with 284 thousand followers on Instagram on a day to day basis.

Francis told Pulse that her favorite aspect of being a social media influencer is being connected to so many people. She said, “whether it be followers or other blogger friends, I love being able to inspire and be inspired by so many creative people in the world.” Francis explained that she is best able to inspire others through organic and true-to-herself posts that reflect her personal style. For this reason, Francis is selective with the brands and products she partners with. Francis said, “Even if it’s a sponsored post, it can still be extremely organic and fit your true aesthetic…I love working with brands and products that I love because I want to stay true to me.” Through working with brands that align with her image, she is able to produce high quality content that fits her aesthetic despite its sponsored nature.

An example of such brand is L’Oreal, which Francis described as her favorite brand partnership thus far. Francis was featured in a photoshoot in Paris for the launch of L’Oreal’s Colorista and in a commercial shoot in Barcelona. Her style unarguably aligns with the product, as she personally loves to experiment with vibrant hair colors that show off her eclectic style—she especially loves adding pink and purple shades to her silvery-blonde locks. For this specific campaign, Francis represented the Lilac color of L’Oreal’s Colorista dye; this partnership exemplifies the importance of authentic matching of influencers and brands to create effective advertising.

Aside from chatting about campaigns, Pulse also had the opportunity to ask Francis about her experiences as a seasoned globe trotter. When asked what her favorite city is, Francis said, “Tokyo, Japan. It’s just amazing there. The food, the people, the fashion, the culture. There is so much to do and see and people are extremely respectful. It is definitely a city that I will try to visit at least once a year.” It is safe to say that the city as a whole perfectly embodies Francis’s style.

Pulse also asked Francis if she has any secret talents that her followers don’t know about her. She revealed her passion for cooking and entertaining. Francis said, “I don’t host too many parties, but I love having friends over and preparing meals that we can enjoy together.” Social media even allowed her to meet her friends through putting her in contact with creative and like-minded people, many of whom she hangs out with and invites over for meals regularly. All in all, Francis’s blog “Flamcis” and her social media presence as a whole continues to bring her countless opportunities to share her style, travel the world, meet new people, and work with prestigious brands. For this she will always be grateful.

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