Check Your Social Media Pulse – July 2020 #4

28.07.2020 Trends & Strategy

Facebook tests new Page format without Likes

Facebook is testing a new Page format in its app which is designed to put more emphasis on the essential Page details. Interestingly, it removes the option to ‘Like’ a Page, with the focus instead shifting to ‘Following'. The new Page layout is meant to make it easier for visitors to a Page to see key information, like the Page’s bio and posts.

This change better reflects a Page’s true reach. Many people have ‘Liked’ various Pages over the years, but then unfollowed them from their News Feed as they outgrew their interest. The Follows count, meanwhile, indicates how many people are actually able to receive the Page’s update in their News Feed.

TikTok launches fund to pay Influencers

Amid rising speculation about the future of the app, TikTok is looking to deepen its economic roots in order to make it harder to justify removing it from circulation. TikTok has just unveiled a new Creator Fund, which will pay prominent creators for their videos on the platform.

The program could help TikTok on two fronts — for one, monetizing short-form video is notoriously difficult. Vine found this out hard way — after establishing itself as a key cultural reference point and building a significant audience, Vine eventually collapsed because it wasn't able to monetize effectively. Secondly, with the incentive of financial rewards, creators may post more often, which keeps the audience engaged and helps build the platform.

Video podcasts launched on Spotify

Spotify now supports video podcasts, starting with a handful of shows that can be viewed by most free and premium users. Videos will start automatically when someone presses play, and they’ll sync with the audio feed, so if someone exits the app or locks their device while watching, the audio will continue.

This feature sets Spotify up to compete with YouTube on podcasting. While most podcasters likely won’t be exclusive to Spotify, video podcasts on the platform mean creators have more flexibility with distribution.

TikTok “snaps” up new Ad format

TikTok continues to push ahead with its TikTok for Business offerings, this time via a new, interactive brand promotion option called 'Gamified Branded Effects’ — which eagle-eyed social media users will notice is highly reminiscent of Snapchat’s ‘Lens Web Builder’.

Gamified Branded Effects enables businesses to build branded games into their TikTok clips, with more than 20 templates available that can be customised with various brand elements.

Facebook Gaming, LinkedIn, Twitter & continue to grow

All 3 social media platforms have reported strong figures for Q2 2020.

LinkedIn has posted a 10% increase in revenue and 27% increase in sessions despite a global slowdown in recruitment.

Facebook gaming has seen a 200% year-on-year growth in this quarter, and Twitter’s average monetizable daily active user (mDAU) count grew 34% year-over-year to $186 million in the quarter. Both firms attribute these figures to increased digital usage during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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