Check Your Social Media Pulse - July 2020 #1

Here are the latest breaking stories across all social media channels:

Fleeting Twitter Stories

Twitter is developing a collaborative option for its new Fleets tool.

It hasn’t been released in all regions yet, but the new collaborative option would see the creation of a “double-bubble” Fleet (Twitter’s version of Stories). Multiple contributors would appear to merge into a single stream, allowing the followers of both users to see their collaborative Fleet.

Facebook: Another Step to Curb Fake News

After certain brands started boycotting Facebook’s advertising platform, the company is working on making their platform a safe space for brands and influencers.

To target the criticism that they don’t do enough to limit the spread of Fake News, Facebook have announced an update to the algorithm for the News Feed, which will put more emphasis on original reporting, and boost content from news websites that provide information on their journalists. They have also launched a new campaign that aims to educate its users about how to detect misleading reports online in order to reduce their spread.

In-stream Payments for Creators on Facebook

In other news, Facebook is also opening up its Fan Subscriptions and live-stream 'Stars' payment options to more creators, and adding new tools and analytics insights to help creators maximise their Facebook presence. Facebook has seen a significant increase in video viewing during the COVID-19 lockdowns, with the consumption of live-streaming, in particular, reaching new highs. Facebook additionally says that it will now allow more creators to sign up for its monetisation tools, which will definitely benefit influencers in the medium to long term.

Full-Screen Instagram Stories

As in-app Stories use continues to rise, Instagram is testing full-screen Stories display.

The new test indicates the most likely future for Instagram, which will be one where the app opens to a full-screen Stories display, like TikTok does with its video clips, in order to align with increasing Stories use. This seems to be Instagram’s response to the perceived inroads that TikTok is making on its territory.

Smart Replies on Youtube

In order to make it easier and less stressful for creators to engage with their communities, Google has added auto-generated replies. “Smart Replies” will provide quick response options based on machine learning.

In addition, they are also launching a new analytics overview to help creators understand their insights and maximize their performance. The new analytics report highlights your video's click-through rate and average view duration, while it also provides specific insight as to how much of your traffic is coming from 'Home' and 'Suggested'.

Support from LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched a new reaction emoji: Support.

The emoji-response option will provide another way to react to LinkedIn posts. This was developed to help users engage with stories relating to COVID-19 or negative economic news, for which a 'Like', 'Insightful', or 'Curious' response isn't really suitable.

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools for Company Pages

LinkedIn has added a new analytics tool for company pages. Your LinkedIn company page analytics will now have a 'New' marker on the Analytics tab, signifying that something's been added. Under that tab you'll now see a listing of company page followers which you can expand to see a full list of every person that has followed your page, sorted by most to least recent.