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Campaign Spotlight: INTERMIX Going Places

Pulse partnered with INTERMIX for their "Going Places” campaign, where we selected @cremedemichelle and @emilyluciano to participate in the exciting travel experience due to their perfect fit with INTERMIX’s branding.

Together, the two influencers have a combined following of 471,000, marking a significant campaign reach.

The girls traveled to Aspen and Miami with the brand, sharing how INTERMIX is the perfect destination to find a vacation-worthy wardrobe, wherever the adventure may be. The influencers communicated that INTERMIX was the ideal place to find enviable vacation outfits for every stop on their itinerary, whether that be at the airport, in the sun in Miami, or in the snow in Aspen. The influencers put together fashionable looks that matched perfectly which each location’s backdrop. This highlighted the idea that photogenic destinations call for snapshot-ready outfits. All messaging for the campaign was focused on bringing clients to the INTERMIX website and stores for immediate shopping. Audiences were able to follow along with the campaign through the #INTERMIXGoingPlaces hashtag, which created an overall feel and message that INTERMIX is the fashion destination for travelers.

Instagram stories allowed followers to gain an inside look into Michelle and Emily's incredible experiences; in Miami the influencers shared content of them in cabanas by the pool wearing INTERMIX swim, videos of their bike ride, and in an INTERMIX store showcasing the bags. Next, followers could see their flight journey to Aspen, arriving to a closet full of clothes, a spa trip, and beautiful dinner. The last day, followers saw the girls receiving room service and putting on adorable fashion pieces to brave the cold. The girls were in store again, this time trying on pieces in the dressing room and introducing followers to the INTERMIX store experience.

Beyond stories shared on their channels, Emily and Michelle were also able to share content through an Instagram takeover of @intermixonline. The influencers announced their Instagram takeover on their personal accounts, asking followers to follow along on INTERMIX’s social. This brought traffic to the brand’s account instantaneously and helped drive sales through increased introduction of the brand to followers. Examples of content included a poll from Emily asking what she should buy in the store, getting users actively engaged with the content.

Pulse was able to support the entire campaign, with 5 Instagram posts each from Emily and Michelle. The posts received great engagement as well, with the highest performing post from Emily on a balcony in Aspen receiving 18,700 likes and 413 comments. #INTERMIXGoingPlaces