A Weekend In San Francisco With Biossance

16.11.2017 Team

This past October, Pulse partnered with seven influencers to visit the Biossance Headquarters in San Francisco and participate in the #MoistureRevolutionfor the brand’s ‘Clean Break Experience.’ The influencers took part in a laboratory tour, learned about the science behind the brand, and discovered what sets Biossance apart from other skincare companies. Shortly after and as a part of the Biossance weekend getaway, the girls retreated to the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay and enjoyed spa treatments, makeovers, and endless opportunities to create beautiful content to share across their social media platforms.

Credit: @prettylittlefawn

In order to increase brand exposure, transparency, and authenticity, Biossance took the time to build up stronger connections with each influencer by taking them behind the scenes of their innovative products. At the same time, the bloggers were able to share their intimate experience with the brand with their dedicated social media followings. Using Instagram posts, stories, and blog posts, this experience was made available to followers nationwide who have an affinity for high end skincare — making them feel included in the Biossance adventure as well.

Credit: Felicia Akerstrom

The brand partners that partook in the ‘Clean Break Experience’ increased Biossance’s brand awareness and reached a combined group of 2 million users. In partaking in this branded experience, influencers were able to create more informed and genuine content to report on their respective blogs. Blog posts were inspired by each influencer’s personal experience and were written in the voice and style of each attendee. Posts included a variety of information from individual morning routines and skincare education, to bloggers’ previous history with Biossance products.

Credit: @oliamajd

Sponsored events like Biossance’s ‘Clean Break Experience’ are incredibly beneficial to brands seeking to bolster awareness in a dynamic, exciting way and spread their message beyond the reach of traditional advertising. In sponsoring this weekend for select brand partners, Biossance created the unique occasion for influencers directly in line with their brand narrative to intimately engage with their brand and products, establishing a strong, authentic relationship that can be effortlessly relayed to millions. The influencers’ genuine connection to the brand is evident in all shared social media content — all of which promotes Biossance in a positive and honest fashion.

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