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The one where we learn 5 Influencer Marketing lessons from F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

The eagerly anticipated Friends reunion episode drops today! It’s one of those rare shows that still has the world on the edge of their seat in anticipation. While social media wasn’t a thing when Friends originally aired, a few of our favourite moments from the show perfectly illustrate how to navigate the world of influencer marketing!

Always be ready to Pivot!

“Pivot… pivot… PIVOT!” Ross trying to get the sofa upstairs is one of the most quoted, memorable moments from all 10 series. And that’s because it’s so relatable!

Global pandemics, cultural crises, a trending egg… social media has always been a space that can change without warning and move in totally unexpected directions. Trends change by the day, user behaviour can move just as fast, and the news can alter things overnight. Social media happens in the fast lane, and brands need to be ready to react when the gear shifts. 

Be yourself!

Ah… Smelly Cat! There was something about Phoebe’s off-key melodies and nonsensical rhymes that totally won us over. Her quirky ways were the very thing that made Pheobe totally unique! 

That’s just as true for social media. Everyone makes the odd little slip-up, and we aren’t born camera ready. Some less posed, more homemade videos lead people to rave about your brand in a new way, with people engaging to say “I love your brand” instead of just “I love your product.” Hopefully — unlike alternative-reality Phoebe — your brand won’t wait until it’s had two heart-attack inducing campaigns to spot this trend!

Get the basics right. 

Rachel’s total inability to cook, make a drinkable coffee or remember anyone’s order when waitressing is a valuable lesson to us all! The basic ingredients that go into a coffee are beans and water — with the optional extras of milk, sugar and shots of flavour. The right quantity of these core ingredients is very important to each consumer, and the ability to creatively adapt these elements to suit different needs is what has built and sustained the multi-billion dollar coffee industry.

To succeed in influencer marketing, brands need to have the right marketing mix: platform match, influencer fit, brand ambassador alliances, data analytics, campaign message, honed target group. Before giving your creative team the task to build the most compelling brand narrative in history, you must ensure you are talking to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Know your audience.

If you’re trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre during a major power blackout, you need to phone Joey and not Monica. Joey gets your code, shares your excitement, and can translate that joy to the rest of the group.

This is why brands need influencers and ambassadors as part of their digital marketing strategy. Like Joey, these are people who love what you’re up to and actively buy your products in real life. Their loyalty is the key — the more invested the influencer, the more enthusiastically they’ll promote you.

Influencers build traction!

Friends taught us the power of influencers before they even existed. They had multiple cameos from A-list celebs throughout the 10 seasons, including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Danny DeVito, Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen and countless more. Each of these cameo characters was seamlessly built into the storyline. It didn’t look forced, their role in the episode made sense, and their casting was as beneficial for the celeb’s profile as it was for Friends’.

When you partner with the right influencer, it’s a win-win! The brand profits from the influencer’s engaged audience, gaining recognition and conversions among target-relevant groups. The influencer can associate with a brand that aligns with their voice and values, lending them additional authority with their base.

Could we BE any more excited to help you with your next influencer marketing campaign?!