4 Steps To Identify Key Influencers For Brands

8.06.2016 Trends & Strategy

Set your objectives: A company must first understand what they wish to accomplish with the implementation of an influencer marketing campaign. This will allow them to find influencers whose followers match the demographics of the desired target market. Without a vision of the campaign's message and an end goal, it is impossible to find and contact the appropriate influencers. Plus Narrative explained in an informative article that setting the goals for the campaign provides direction for the organization as well as allows for more effective performance evaluation.

Identify the media channel most suitable for the campaign: Another important step is deciding what channel can promote the campaign most effectively. Olivia Spinelli, a contributing author of KloodDigital.com, wrote that some industries are better suited for Youtube videos (beauty products), while others are will find more success through Instagram (food), Twitter (news), Snapchat (travel), Blogs (pets) or Facebook (events). In order to determine which outlet would work best for your brand, you must, again, look at the target market. The majority of information regarding demographics such as age, sex, location, and income of social media users is difficult to find. Brands must research the comments, followers, and content that is associated with certain media channels to ensure that they are using the most effective form of social media.

Understand the influencer: Once you develop the objectives of the campaign and find the most effective media channel, you must discover the influencers that match the target market and utilize the desired channels. It is crucial that brands carefully select appropriate influencers to include in their marketing campaigns, due to the international usage of social media. Social media stars often live in a foreign country, which is an aspect of influencer marketing that is often overlooked. Accounts must be viewed, analyzed, and either recorded for consideration or ignored. As there are over 2 billion social media accounts, it is most efficient to begin by searching the most viewed or followed accounts in order to establish an initial idea of which influencers fit the desired profile.

Find similar profiles: After finding the initial desired influencer, it is best to search accounts that are similar to the account found. This can be done by viewing accounts that are recommended or suggested by the social media outlet based on the influencer, for they are often similar to your ideal influencer. While doing this you will find many accounts that match with your goals of desired influencers. Many of these individuals provide contact information which should be recorded along with a URL to their respective account and the influencers name. This information will be very useful when contacting the influencer.

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