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3 reasons your brand won’t thrive without Influencer Marketing!

Traditional forms of marketing just don’t work anymore, and those who fail to leverage their digital marketing effectively are missing out on key strategies that increase performance and results even more.

The business and retail world is changing rapidly, and brands must stay on top of current marketing trends or get left behind. Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to decline. Brands must adapt by converting online to generate new sales. Here are 3 of the many reasons your brand needs influencer marketing!

1. Hyper-Target your customers.

There are over a billion active users on Instagram. There are so many people wondering how to reach more potential clients yet not taking note that a huge percentage of the population is active on social media. One of the main reasons social media marketing is so effective is that brands can hyper-target ideal clients based on exact demographics.

Showing ads to the right people in the right place at the right time is a critical part of the marketing process to avoid wasted ad spend. 

When you combine performance and influencer marketing, you can target users based on age, gender, location, interests, behaviours, website visitors, and more using content they’re already engaged with. This data is available to us as advertisers when we publish campaigns and enables us to apply more context in our campaigns to ensure we show relevant information to relevant people.

2. Have live conversations.

Live events are another excellent way to drive conversions and awareness. There are several options you can choose from when having conversations with your audience. One of the best ways to communicate with as many people as possible is through a live video event like an ask me anything (AMA), a more established live Q&A event, or tried-and-tested comment responses. 

Use this opportunity to get to know your followers and listen to what they’re saying. In many ways, social media is a brilliant the world’s best focus group if you engage correctly. The ability to have a seamless conversation ensures that you can also deliver knowledgeable, direct answers and convince your audience that you are offering something more — or better — than your competitors.

3. Personalise your promotions.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a feature called dynamic ads. Essentially, these promotions allow brands to create thousands of ad variants by uploading images, text and offers to the dynamic-ad artificial intelligence program. 

The program analyses users’ interests and creates curated ads designed to overcome objections and solve problems. You can review your buyer personas and create text and images for each customer segment. When a pre-defined target user is browsing social media, there’s a good chance one of your ads will pop up in their feed.  

2021 isn’t going to take any prisoners in the digital sphere. If you want to stay ahead and ensure you have a sustainable brand in the long term, you need to start implementing influencer marketing as one of your marketing efforts’ central pillars. Social media advertising is critical because it allows you to hyper-target specific users, build and engage with your audience, and directly track your return on investment.